Healthy Food Hacks for Your Entire Family with Main Street Village

If your family turns their noses up at broccoli, pushes peas around on the plate and barely picks at a side salad, then these healthy food hacks may make meal time easier for everyone. These healthy food trends will make it easier for your family to eat healthy meals at home for those busy weekdays when eating out at your favorite Main Street Village restaurants isn’t an option.

Make small changes.

Changing everything at once will most definitely end up with a family revolt at dinner time, so gradual small changes are recommended. Change one thing out for a few meals then add another healthier option. One of our favorite healthy food hacks is to use healthier choices when shopping for groceries such as wheat bread instead of white or start using less sugar in the homemade tea and lemonade.

Dress the veggies up.

If your kids are turning their noses up at any and all veggies, then consider a small compromise. Steamed carrots are better without any added sugar but if a pinch of sugar gets your kids to eat them it is a compromise worth making. Getting 80% of the vitamins and nutrients is better than none so this is one of the wonderful healthy food hacks to try with your family!

Don’t serve adult size portions.

Remember that kids can’t and shouldn’t eat the same amount of food that adults eat. This is especially important when you are trying to implement new choices and food trends to your weekly shopping list. Much of the struggle over mealtime involves trying to force kids to eat an adult-sized serving of veggies. So, don’t overload the veggies and if you do, don’t fight them to finish it all.

Avoid snacking throughout the day.

Think about the way you eat and when food is the most appealing- usually when you haven’t eaten in a while or when you haven’t had that particular food for a while. Now for kids, the same is true. They are more likely to eat what you put on their plate if they haven’t been snacking on junk food all day and are more open to new food trends.

Bottom line is to make small changes and build from there. Finding healthy food that your kids will actually eat will help them feel more confident about trying new options. Visit our blog today to learn even more healthy food hacks and the healthy dining options in Frisco with Main Street Village.

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